How to sell a wedding ring

For once in your life, you had the opportunity of receiving something that really matters to you, like a wedding ring for example. But there are some unexpected things that happened and [...]

Pre-holiday beauty tips

Beauty has various implications. What is appealing to one, maybe uninviting to another. For some people, beauty is spritzing. A good perfume, puffing some costly face powder, rubbing a high-gloss [...]

Beauty tips 1 week before wedding

Making mistakes and taking wrong steps are the most common problem among us. But, when your wedding day knocking at the door, at that time, making a blunder directly affects your bridal looks. [...]

Personal grooming tips for men

Previously, men used to follow a routine of shaving, taking a bath, wearing alluring clothes, and wear good shoes to be well groomed. But now things are quite different, and personal grooming is [...]

Natural anti aging foods

When your age is growing up, It’s needed to increase anti-inflammatory foods such as oily fish which contains especially Omega-3, fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid pro-inflammatory food [...]